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SESDev Receives Recognition for Contributing to Liberia’s Leadership and Professional Development

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Being one of the award-receiving institutions, recognized for participating in LSA’s leadership and professional development training, Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev) has made a striving effort in contributing to Liberia’s growth and development.  

In February of 2020, SESDev served as a placement site in a rigorous leadership and professional development training conducted by Liberia Strategic Analysis. The training, which lasted for 10 months, convoked sixteen interns and seven institutions. 

According to LSA’s human resource manager, Dr. Tanya, the training has always been to create a transformational leadership that aims to build the capacity of more Liberians to be effective leaders in both public and private sectors of the country. The institution’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) system have effectively armed more young professionals who are doing exploits in the field of monitoring and evaluation. 

Severing as a placement site, SESDev provided the space for some of these young professionals and enabled them to utilize the techniques and approaches of the MEL system, at the same time effectively following up on their activities and receiving feedback.  

As noted by one of the interns, Forkpah Morris, who subconsciously believed his getting picked to intern at ESDev was one made of his own.

I love the MEL system, and implementing it in an environment where I feel I can strive to get better at it daily is an appealing thing to me. SESDev is the environment I have been craving to work in.

Frokpah Morris

One of the advantages of LSA’s professional development training is that it provides opportunities for participating institutions and the interns as well. It gives interns the opportunity to be spotted for possible employment, and it gives institutions the advantage of employing the right skill. LSA’s approach to youth development in Liberia is to increase youth knowledge, skills, and opportunities as M&E, project design, analytic, and learning practitioners while simultaneously strengthening the organizations where they work as interns. LSA has supported 10 students each year and assigned these young Liberians of promise to local NGOs implementing within Montserrado County. LSA has supported interns with the knowledge, tools, and direct work experience they need to become change agents.

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